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Knight & Gayles provides access to a wide range of primary health care services. Service List Not All-Inclusive. Memberships are billed Annually, Monthly, Pay Per Visit. Plans/Services Vary By State. Cancel Anytime. This is not insurance. Memberships do not include, hospitalizations, specialized, and/or complex care. We recommend all members maintain adequate medical coverage. *Additional fees, labs and or in-person visits required for some services.  Same-day, office visits based on schedule, notice, and availability for existing members, Services may include exercise, fitness, & health coaching consultations for members diagnosed or at risk of obesity or certain chronic conditions.  Some services may not be available for children under the age of 18 and members of all ages in certain areas. Some Restrictions Apply.

Dr. Khaled Hassan, MD
Dr. Khaled Hassan, MD
Dr. Khaled Hassan, MD