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This Is Health Care.

Not Insurance.


Direct Primary Care is your relationship with a primary care physician without the interference of health insurance. The physician works for you. Direct Primary Care is void of the fee-for-service mentality that has infected the traditional health system.

As a member of a direct primary care practice you'll enjoy:  Lower Cost, Better Health Outcomes, and an Enhanced Patient Experience



You Are Not Alone.

Countless numbers of people are unhappy with the current state of the health care system. Direct Primary Care has been awarded as the most recognizable solution of curing the chronic ills of the system. Among health care experts and professionals, the unrestricted relationship of patients and physicians is viewed as the main factor to better health results. This view shared among members of congress strengthens the support of legislation for Direct Primary Care. The Primary Care Enhancement Act will remove regulatory barriers which hinder the benfits of Direct Primary Care.

Additional recommendations include ending the requirement for physicians to opt out of Medicare before they can provide Direct Primary Care to Medicare recipients. We agree that the elderly members of our community should not be excluded from enjoying the benefits of Direct Primary Care.



Why You Should Join A Direct Primary Care practice.

DPC has many benefits. Atop that list is Lower Cost and Better Health Outcomes.

Lower Cost: Knight & GaylesMD provides Direct Primary Care in several locations. Prices vary but typically are $67 for adults, $49 for dependents. There are no hidden fees, no co-pays, or inflated prices. Direct Primary Care is affordable. And Health Insurance doesn't have to be so darn expensive.


Better Health Outcomes: With unrestricted access to your physician you'll feel empowered about your health. Your Knight & GaylesMD physician is dedicated to helping you achieve the best quality of care. 



Direct Primary Care is the Future.

Restoring the relationship between you and your primary care physician is key to your health. We are excited to be at the leading edge of this journey. Our hope is that Direct Primary Care remains the standard and continues to increase in recognition.


Welcome to Knight & Gayles. It Is Our Privilege To Care For You. 


Do you confuse health care with health insurance?

You’re not alone. The coming days of health reform will persuade you to draw a line between the two. Health care and health insurance are not synonymous, yet in general conversation many people have married them and continue to identify one as the other. Well, those days are over. In fact, healthcare has officially filed for separation. The reason, irreconcilable differences. Health Care prefers quality to quantity. Health Insurance, well, was unavailable for comment. Probably due to time constraints.


What you should know about Insurance.

Insurance is a transfer of risk. It is best used for unlikely, unforeseen, accidental, and major events such as house fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. If you are involved in such an occurrence, your insurance shoulders the weight of that incident and owns the responsibility of restoring your losses. Your responsibility comes in the form of a monthly premium and deductible.  


Apply that to health insurance. In the event you are diagnosed with or involved in an unlikely, unforeseen, accidental or major health related event (i.e.: stroke, heart attack, broken bone, rare disease, etc.) your health insurance shoulders the weight of the health care needed to address the illness and covers the expensive procedures, medications, specialized care, hospitalization, and etc. to restore your health and quality of life.  Your responsibility comes in the form a monthly premium and a deductible.  This is the way health insurance should work.


Here’s the truth.

Routine affordable maintenance items are included in the monthly premiums you pay for coverage of unforeseen, major, accidental, and catastrophic events. Routine affordable maintenance items are included in the monthly premiums you pay for coverage of unforeseen, major, accidental, and catastrophic events. (One more time) Routine Affordable Maintenance items are INCLUDED in the monthly premium you pay for coverage of unforeseen, major, accidental, and catastrophic events. And that’s costly.


Think About This.

Imagine how expensive your Auto Insurance would be if it covered items like:

  • Windshield wipers

  • Tire rotations

  • Air filters

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Oil Changes

  • Annual Inspections

  • Brake Pads, Rotors, Antifreeze, Wheel Alignments, Etc.  


Imagine the administrative headaches, hassle, and red tape an Oil Change technician would encounter billing AAA Insurance for such routine maintenance? What if State Farm Insurance required a pre-approval to change from regular oil to a high mileage synthetic or if Geico increased your co-pay if you went to an out-of-network oil change provider? Can you imagine?


You should recognize these practices as staples of the current health insurance system. Affordable routine health care items are included in the monthly premiums you pay to health insurers. That system, known as fee-for-service, nourishes the roots of the current health insurance industry and has blossomed into the present day debacle we call healthcare.


The next time you need your oil changed, pull up to your local Value Oil Change place and ask do they except your auto insurance. (Insert blank stare here)

Removing affordable routine primary care from the umbrella of insurance instantly reduces cost.  Why? Because primary care covers nearly 85% of all healthcare needs. These are the most common everyday ailments for which you seek healthcare – and they are affordable. Billing these items as risk (a.k.a catastrophic events) fuels the price increase.  

The consistency, the frequency is what drives up cost. With insurance you’re classifying routine items as risk. That’s the oxymoron. 

Here’s the Cure.  
Enter direct primary care – the relationship between you and a primary care provider void of any third party middleman. Direct primary care comes in different forms and is known by different names. Concierge medicine, medical concierge, concierge medical service, boutique practice, cash only practice, and VIP Medicine to name a few. Don’t let the different names fool you. Their methods and business models may be different but their purpose is the same. To provide you with better quality care, a better patient-provider relationship and last but not least, affordable primary care.

Direct Primary Care is not just for the rich or wealthy. Single mothers, busy executives, and families of all sizes enjoy the benefits of Knight & GaylesMD Direct Primary Care. 


In this era of health reform, patient centered medical homes, accountable care organizations, health insurance exchanges, and any other fancy terms or concepts that may be thrown your way, remember this. Insurance and routine primary health care are like oil and water.

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Bipartisan Bill Clarifies HSA Rules for Direct Priamary Care.

Senator Bill Cassidy, MD (R-LA) introduced S.1989, on August 5, 2015. This bipartisan bill clarifies that Direct Primary Care is a medical service and not a health plan under section 223 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code relating to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). The legislation correctly defines Direct Primary Care services as qualified health expenses under section 213 (d) of the tax code. The bill remedies any real or perceived prohibition on individuals with HSAs using Direct Primary Care, and allows individuals with HSAs paired with high deductible heath plans to pay for Direct Primar Care services with their HSAs.  


The bill also creates a new payment pathway for Direct Primary Care as an alternative payment model (APM) in Medicare and with Dual Eligibles. This would allow CMS to pay practices an affordable flat fee for primary care services offered by a Direct Primary Care medical home.The legislation includes a waiver to allow qualified physicians who have opted out of Medicare to participate in the program at any time. It also allows for Medicare Advantage plans to pair with Direct Primary Care practices as primary care partners in an ACO-like structure.  

Finally, A Real Health Club

“It’s no longer just for the wealthy. Direct Primary Care is convenient and affordable.” Dr. Khaled Hassan, MD

Direct care providers, concierge medical service, direct primary care, and boutique practices are only a few of the terms that describe a new trend in health care. Practitioners are jumping ship and leaving behind the traditional fee-for-service system that forces them to see patients on a conveyor belt of care and instead are converting to a concierge medicine or direct primary care model which allows them to practice medicine the way it was meant to be – patient-focused.

In most major areas,  there are only a handful of concierge medicine providers and still a relatively small number through out the country. Timothy Blue, the executive director of a concierge care trade group says, “ Currently, there are about 4,400 concierge doctors in the U.S., but that the number is expected to double over the next three years.”

The original concept has been credited with starting in Seattle during 1996, when MD(squared) opened a spa like practice and charged a retainer of $20,000 a year.  As you can see, the early concierge medical services were targeted at the wealthy, but nowadays, the monthly fee is about $4-5 per day.

Dr. Richard Bligh, who agrees with the frustrations of other concierge medicine providers, says he “was tired of trying to see 40 to 50 patients a day. I could not give my patients what they really needed: time and education.” That’s very typical of a traditional medical practice. Patients only get about six – ten minutes of face time compared to a direct primary care provider who spends 30 minutes to an hour with each patient.

“It’s not just for the wealthy. Direct Primary Care is convenient and affordable” says the Founder of St. Louis based Knight & Gayles Health Care. “Single parents, busy families and those who just prefer to avoid the crowded waiting rooms and impersonal experiences of the traditional health care system Join Us for access to direct primary care. 

Providers are attracted to the direct primary care model for many of the same reasons patients like it, there’s less stress, a better patient-provider relationship, extended time for visits and practically no paperwork. The years ahead are expected to fuel the evolution of direct primary care. Many believe the near future will require patients to make a choice. Receive higher-quality care from a direct primary care provider or deal with the rushed, overcrowded “conveyor belt” care of the traditional healthcare system. Which would you prefer?



Mental Health Matters


At its core, mental health refers to how you think, feel, and act. At every stage of life, your mental health is important. For children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly; how you handle life challenges can affect your mental health in many ways. Your emotional psychological and social well-being are all a part of your mental health.


Mental Health Care is For Everyone. 

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five Americans experience mental health issues. In other words, more than 40 million adults a year deal with some form of mental health issues. Chances are you know someone who has or is dealing with an issue right now. In fact, that person may be you. Mental health is fundamental to living a healthy life.  There is a strong and direct connection between the body and the mind. Yes many of us focus on the physical but skip the workouts necessary for true health and wellness.


Having a healthy mental status can improve every area of your life. Our providers are here to help you develop and maintain the strategies and skills to live your best.


Direct Primary Care


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