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We Can Help.

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Schedule Your Appointment

M E D I C A L  

 M A R I J U A N A

C e r t i f i c a t i o n 

A Knight & GaylesMD physician can evaluate your health, verify your condition, and recommend a medical marijuana treatment.


During your evaluation, the risk, usage, and potential side effects will be discussed to determine how a medical marijuana treatment is beneficial for you. We encourage you to ask questions and participate. 

Get Certified

Proof of Residency

You'll need a state or government issued ID. Minors under 18 require a parent or legal guardian (Birth certificate/adoption papers required).


Primary caregivers must be at least 21 years of age. Missouri residency and photo ID required for all. 

Medical Records

Documentation of qualifying medical condition required. 


Documentation includes: Lab results, letter from a physician (signed and dated), x-ray/MRI, office visit notes, and disability or worker's compensation paper work. 

Knight & GaylesMD

Schedule your evaluation. Same or next day appointments available. 


Now Accepting Appointments

Evaluations: $150.00 

Missouri Residents Only.


Medical Marijuana

News + Tips

While there is limited scientific evidence regarding the outcomes of medical marijuana, potential treatments may exist for certain medical conditions.


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